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Category: Guide
The guide is a practical informational resource especially for tourism service providers to adopt sustainable strategies and reduce the plastic footprint of the tourism industry.
2022 Plastic Study
Category: studied
Only 3% of the plastic waste generated at the national level ends up being recycled, a result that confirms that recycling is not the most effective solution in the fight against plastic waste at the national level
Category: studied
The study presents an analysis of the current WEEE situation at national level, consumer preferences, challenges and a series of recommendations, involving all actors and stakeholders for the improvement of WEEE management systems.
ADA Guide
Category: Guide
The guide provides the necessary steps and tools for strategic planning regarding the implementation of an SMID at the local level.
Straseni plastic study
Category: studied
The data collected and analyzed in this study provide a clear vision regarding the existing situation in the field of waste management in the district of Străseni and the involvement of the community in solving these problems.
Map of WEEE points
Category: WEEE map online
A total of 206 bins for the separate collection of WEEE have been distributed to public and private institutions nationwide and placed on the Map of collection points.