Strașeni study on the selective collection of waste

Published: January 27, 2021

The study "Perception and attitude of the inhabitants of the population regarding the selective collection of waste" is carried out within the Project "Management of solid waste with the involvement of the community" for 6 localities in the district of Străseni (municipality of Străseni, village of Scoreni, commune of Lozova, village of Vorniceni, village of Negrești and the village of Sireți), part of the Local Grants Program, launched on the basis of the EU Single Support Framework, awarded to the Republic of Moldova (2017-2020) within the European Neighborhood Instrument, through the project "Empowerment of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova" (2019 -2021), financed by the European Union and implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ).

The main purpose of this study is to determine "What do the inhabitants think with reference to the organization of the selective waste collection system in the localities, the problems encountered, the degree of availability to pay for the sanitation service and actively participate in the improvement of the current waste management system?" ” The data collected and analyzed in this study provide a clear vision regarding the existing situation in the field of waste management and the involvement of the community in solving these problems.

The main topics analyzed in the study are:

  • Evaluation of the population's degree of access to sanitation services;
  • Analysis of the level of satisfaction of the inhabitants in relation to the current system of selective waste collection applied in the locality; Evaluation of separate waste collection behavior among residents;
  • Appreciation of the availability of the population to selectively collect waste;
  • Determining the level of tariffs that natural persons in the selected localities are prepared to pay for the improvement of waste management services;
  • The quality of the waste management services made available to the inhabitants of the district by the LPAs, etc.