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About recycle e-Circular

e-Circular is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 with
the mission to promote the circular economy
in the Republic of Moldova.



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Responsible for waste management
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June 10, 2024
AO Training and Consulting Center "E-CIRCULAR" as an accredited provider of training services according to Order No. 690 of June 2023 issued by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Evaluation Certificate...
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Ecological compliance inspector
AO Training and Consultancy Center "E-CIRCULAR" as an accredited provider of training services according to Order No. 383 of March 2024 issued by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Certificate of Evaluation of...
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Extended Producer Responsibility
The development of REP schemes in Europe has helped to improve the prevention, reuse and recycling of waste. This mechanism has proven to be an absolutely necessary and functional tool for the transition to a...
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Circular Economy
In this course, participants will explore the fundamental concepts of the circular economy, an innovative alternative to the traditional "extract-use-throw" economic model. This course is welcome for professionals, students and anyone who is…
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Our projects

Discover initiatives focused on the circular economy and sustainable waste management in the Republic of Moldova.


The project aims to raise awareness of the problems generated by plastic waste at the national level and promote sustainable practices for its prevention and management. The project focuses on educating the population about the impact of plastic waste on the environment and the costs associated with its management.

Project_strategic communication

Project implemented by AO EcoVisio and AO E-Circular in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment and IP the National Office for the Implementation of Projects in the field of the Environment and financial support from the Embassy of Sweden.


The initiative "Plastic Waste in the Circular Economy: Community Solutions" combats the problem of plastic waste through actions at the local level. Run by the NGOs "Verde e Moldova" and "E-CIRCULAR" with GEF funding, the project implements educational measures, collection and prevention of plastic pollution in three communities in the Republic of Moldova.

CNM project

The "Citizen involved for a CLEAN RIVER" initiative is a project organized by the Association for Waste Recovery, with the support of the Străseni City Hall, which aims to improve the behavior of the local community towards the environment by cleaning the river and raising awareness of the risks that waste represents for aquatic ecosystems .

Our partners

In partnership with global and local leaders, we are committed to advancing sustainability and innovation in resource management, for a cleaner environment and a healthier community.

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We provide expertise and assistance in implementing circular economy strategies, as well as in identifying business opportunities and innovative solutions, developing partnerships between companies and creating collaborative networks to share best practices and encourage innovation.

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