Course Inspector ecological conf

Organization of the environmental protection department.

Waste management course

Organization of waste management activity

Circular Economy course

Introduction to the principles of the circular economy. Good practices.

Course REP

Initiation in the implementation of the REP mechanism


AO Training and consulting center ``E-CIRCULAR''

To prevent the risk of pollution and increased economic costs resulting from irrational consumption of energy and water, injury to personnel with hazardous substances, loss of materials in the production process, wrong waste management, fines, we need trained and trained employees in the field.

In support of companies, people interested in the field, AO "E-CIRCULAR" organizes environmental courses based on a program approved by Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Education and Research, developed in accordance with the provisions of the national and community legal framework, to provide maximum information and green skills among the participants, but also to ensure an increased level of compliance and sustainability.

"The Circular Economy is not only about waste management, but the much more ambitious search for new economic mechanisms that create social value, regenerate natural capital and preserve the Planet's living ecosystems."