Ditch Plastic: Informed communities with less waste generated


The project aims to raise awareness of the problems generated by plastic waste at the national level and promote sustainable practices for its prevention and management. The project focuses on educating the population about the impact of plastic waste on the environment and the costs associated with its management.
STATUS Ongoing project
Category Circular economy
Implemented with support IP National Office for the Implementation of Projects in the Field of the Environment (ONIPM)
Project amount 448,800.00 lei
Implementation period 2024-2025

About the project

The project "Give up PLASTIC: Informed communities with less waste generated” aims to inform the population of different ages with reference to the impact of plastic on the environment and health, and respectively to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated at national level, including the costs related to the management of this waste.

The project beneficiary localities belong Waste Management Region 5 (Nisporeni, Călărași and Ungheni districts) which includes 157 localities with about 234 thousand inhabitants and which generate in the environment
10530 tons of plastic waste annually (estimated 45 kg plastic/inhabitant/year) according to the results
The plastic waste study. Respectively, at least 97 % or 10214 tons of plastic waste from
these localities are disposed of in non-compliant landfills and will continue to pollute the environment for several hundred years.

For this reason, it is obvious that separate collection at the source and recycling are not sufficient solutions in the fight against this waste, especially taking into account their impact on the environment and the health of the population.

Plastic and Health

Plastic contains toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, which enter our bodies through direct contact with plastic products or through food and drinks packaged in plastic containers. These chemicals can disrupt the hormone system and can be associated with various conditions such as reproductive problems, thyroid dysfunction and increased risk of cancer. The most commonly used single-use plastic packaging that poses a risk to the environment and health are:

What we proposed through the project

  1. Promoting the objectives of the national program "Solid Waste Management" through involvement
    and sensitizing the population in the beneficiary localities (RMD 5) in actions to reduce plastic pollution.
  2. Improving access to quality information and education on the best options for
    prevention and reduction of plastic waste
  3. Reducing the level of plastic pollution by giving up single-use plastic products.
  4. Increasing the level of information about the impact of plastic on health.

Plogging activity and sports orientation: PLASTIC runs

They were awarded with the support of the project Eco-Heroes through Actions who sanitized part of the Ciorești Forest Bypass, Nisporeni district. Each of the participants received as a gift bags and reusable bottles purchased within the "Give up Plastic" project, financed by IP ONIPM. The activity was also supported by The Strategic Communication on Waste Management Project.


353 million tons plastic waste generated globally
>100 thousand tonsplastic waste generated annually
3%recycled plastic waste
75%in total, plastic packaging is single-use

Project partners and financiers

We thank our supporters for their essential contribution in making this project a reality.

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