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About AO "E-CIRCULAR" Training and Consulting Center

About us


AO "E-CIRCULAR" Training and Consultancy Center is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 with the aim of promoting and implementing efficient and sustainable practices in waste management and the circular economy, providing expertise, training and support for all key actors in the Republic of Moldova !

About us

Team mission!

Based on the idea that only through concrete actions we can achieve tangible results, the mission of the "E-CIRCULAR" Association is to inspire and mobilize the community in the Republic of Moldova to adopt responsible waste management and circular economy practices. We are committed to providing the necessary training, support and resources to all involved to turn good intentions into green initiatives that protect nature and ensure a sustainable future for all.

About us

Accredited provider of training services!

To prevent pollution, hazardous substance accidents, material losses in the production process, waste mismanagement and fines, employee training is required.

AO "E-CIRCULAR" organizes accredited environmental courses for companies and interested persons, based on training programs approved by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education and Research. These courses, aligned with the national and EU legal framework, provide participants with green information and skills, ensuring compliance and sustainability.

Annual activity reports

AO "E-CIRCULAR" Training and Consulting Center is committed to providing full transparency regarding its activities and impact. Here you can access our annual reports, which present a complete picture of the projects implemented, the results achieved and our contribution to the promotion of responsible waste management and the circular economy in the Republic of Moldova.

The e-Circular team

The e-Circular team unites experts dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and innovation for a green future.

Aurelia Bahnaru
Administrator AO E-Circular
Dorina Velescu
Project coordinator
Oleg Golic
Development manager
Roman Bahnaru
ESG expert. Data analyst.
Magdalena Cernea
Specialist in communication

Our partners

In partnership with global and local leaders, we are committed to advancing sustainability and innovation in resource management, for a cleaner environment and a healthier community.