The first edition of the Waste Management Specialist Course was successfully completed!


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As a result of the organization on August 19-20, 2021 of the accredited Continuing Professional Training Course "Waste Management Specialist", AO Association for Waste Recovery announces the successful completion of the theoretical and practical test by each of the 10 participants registered in the course, designated by legal entities, who carry out different types of entrepreneurial activity, but as a finality, directly or indirectly, influence the processes generation of hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

During 2 full days of training, 8 modules designed logically and well thought out by the team of trainers to include as varied a spectrum as possible but also complete with topics and problems related to the topic addressed, we managed to provide the course participants with information, skills and knowledge necessary for an absolutely specific field such as – WASTE MANAGEMENT:

  • Awareness of the waste management process in the legal entity, in which it operates;
  • The assumption of legal obligations imposed on economic agents;
  • Knowledge of pollution classification criteria. Forms of pollution and measures to remove concessions caused by pollution;
  • The inclusion of waste in the waste list approved by GD no. 99/2018 (Case studies);
  • Identifying the rules for establishing the hazardous and non-hazardous character of waste. Knowing and applying the record-keeping mechanism and transmitting data and information about waste and its management (Case Studies);
  • Organization of the Environmental Management System (practical aspects: Waste Audit, Waste Flow Diagram, Waste Prevention and Reduction Plan);
  • Formulation of practical solutions to avoid violation of environmental legislation in the field of waste;
  • Identifying practical solutions for the compliance of economic agents with the mandatory legal requirements;
  • Familiarization with the institution of legal liability (civil, criminal and contravention). Misdemeanor/Criminal Penalties. Forms of contraventional/criminal sanctions;
  • Application of legal provisions to prevent legal liability (civil, criminal or misdemeanor) for violation of legislation in the field of waste management.

It was the first experience of this kind at the national level, but which proved to be the beginning of the development and education of a community of specialists prepared to act according to and eco-responsibly in their activity, regardless of the field. The course was prepared and launched by the AO Association for Waste Recovery based on the belief that only with qualified and trained people can a FUNCTIONAL Integrated Waste Management System be developed, which will facilitate the transition to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY over time.

The next SMD Course will be organized during the period September 15-16, 2021. For registration, we invite you to fill out this form or you can write us an email at the address

Course agenda

The accredited continuing professional training course "Waste Management Specialist" (CORM 006-14, 325719) is accredited/authorized by Decision no. 100 of 28.05.2021 of the Management Board of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research.

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