MDS Platform online workshop: The problem of existing landfills. New deposit regulations. Good practices!


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Waste management
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Today, on 21.02.2024, the first workshop was organized online on the Strategic Communication Platform regarding waste management, with the theme: "The problem of existing landfills. New deposit regulations. Good practices!"

During the workshop, a special emphasis was placed on the impact of landfills on the environment and public health. Participants discovered how current waste and non-compliant landfills can contaminate soil, water and air, endangering human life and biodiversity. Different types of waste and landfills were also discussed, emphasizing the importance of correct separate collection of waste at source and identifying optimal solutions for safe and sustainable storage.

Another topic of interest was the new waste disposal regulation, which was recently approved. It sets stricter standards for landfill operations with the aim of reducing the negative impact on the environment and encouraging recycling and waste recovery practices. Waste storage regulation introduces requirements for the design, operation and closure of landfills, as well as for post-closure monitoring, ensuring better control and increased accountability of operators.

The importance of the problem maintenance of the existing landfills was also discussed in the workshop, respectively the recommended measures for the prevention of pollution, the prevention or the correct management of unpleasant odors, fires that occur at the landfills were highlighted.

The crucial role of territorial inspections in the monitoring and enforcement of regulations was emphasized, with emphasis on the need for close collaboration between authorities and warehouse operators. It was discussed about aimposition of fines and penalties for non-compliance with storage regulations as a means of ensuring compliance and promoting accountability.

The video recording of the workshop and presentations are available below and provide access to valuable information for those interested in this topic.

The event is part of the "Strategic Communication for the implementation of the National Solid Waste Program in the Republic of Moldova" project implemented by EcoVisio and in partnership with National Office for Implementation of Projects in the field of Environment and Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova, funded by Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau

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