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Waste management
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On October 6, the Waste Recovery Association participated in the first online dialogue session on the topic "Solutions for efficient waste management", organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, as part of the Joint Meeting of the Committees for Sectoral Entrepreneurship under the CCI of the Republic of Moldova, which was attended by over 50 members of the CCI. Through this event, a series of other online meetings organized by CCI in collaboration with the Association for Waste Valorification and "Waste Management" Magazine was launched.

At the opening of the meeting, the President of the CCI of the Republic of Moldova, Sergiu HAREA, mentioned that the normative framework in the field, namely the Law "Regarding waste" (No. 209 of 29.07.2016) has a major impact on the activity of economic agents and includes basic principles in the field of waste management.

"As you know, the responsibility for these activities rests with their generators. At the same time, other principles that provide for the responsibility of the manufacturer and the user also apply. In reality, economic agents must manage waste with their own means or contract the services of specialized companies. And in this sense, it is important to have a very clear and applicable legislative and economic framework" Sergiu HAREA also specified.

During the event, Aurelia BAHNARU, doctor in economics, President of the AO Association for the recovery of waste, Director of the "Waste Management" magazine, explained the obligations of waste producers, their responsibility and also offered some solutions. In particular, it was discussed about Waste collection targets from the total of products placed on the market applicable from the year 2020, but also the importance of training company employees. Entrepreneurs were encouraged to develop a plan of measures regarding the selective collection of generated waste as well as a waste prevention program. Of course, all these activities also require the allocation of resources that must be planned.

The participants of the event asked many questions related to the management of medical waste, the possibility of creating ECO parks, but also the launch of a business in the field of waste management.

Specialists in the field, Igor ŞEREMET, doctor of law, university lecturer at the Faculty of Law of USM and Sergiu MACHIDON, trainer with certification in the field, responsible for the environment, offered practical recommendations related to the national legal framework and European standards in the given field .

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with Association for Waste Recovery announce the further development of this topic on the CCI platform of the Republic of Moldova, for which a series of dedicated meetings will be held online.

During these meetings, participants will benefit from useful information regarding:

  • The waste management process in the organization/enterprise;
  • The mechanism for implementing Extended Producer Responsibility;
  • The transition towards a circular economy in the Republic of Moldova.

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