Implementation of the integrated waste management system in zone 6: common objective and collective approach


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Waste management
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In accordance with the provisions and targets The waste management strategy in the Republic of Moldova for the years 2013-2027 (HG 248/2013) as well as taking into account the provisions of regional sectoral programs, waste management is a national priority of the environmental pollution prevention policy in the Republic of Moldova. The aggravation of the problem of waste, especially solid household waste, is generated by the defective way in which different stages of waste processing are currently carried out.

The promotion of the regional approach in waste management planning is essential both for attracting the necessary investments and for ensuring the recovery of the high costs allocated for the implementation of the Strategy. It is inadmissible and at the same time economically unarguable the construction of waste recovery or disposal companies in each city, without taking into account the rural localities in the districts, including the specifics of the generated waste. Precisely for this purpose, the local public administration authorities of level I and II from UAT Orhei, Rezina, Soldaneşti and Teleneşti have joined forces by creating the Working Group on cooperation to improve waste management and facilitate the implementation of the Strategy. The members of the working group, including the management of the districts of Orhei, Șoldăneşti, Rezina and Telenesti, as well as the mayors of the cities of residence in the above-mentioned districts, aim to intensify the dialogue and the conjugation of efforts / actions for the organization of an efficient and sustainable integrated waste management system within the area no. 6, (Orhei, Rezina, Soldaneşti and Teleneşti).

The object of the collaboration of the APL administrations is the initiation of the steps and actions necessary for the organization of the integrated waste management system and the development of the related infrastructure in area no. 6. Thus, on April 14 of the current year, the Presidents of the 4 District Councils informed the specialized central authority - MADRM, about the work group's activity and also requested the analysis of the possibility of financing the feasibility study of area no. 6 from the account of the grant component of the loan

The European Investment Bank for the realization of the "Solid waste in Moldova" project. Also, on April 22 this year, members of the working group communicated to the parliamentary committee "Environment and regional development" about the need to facilitate a broad dialogue when it comes to the organization of public services and especially the waste management service. Mr. President of the Orhei District Council emphasized that the APL administrations in the 4 districts are committed to facilitating the information of the communities and Level I APL and to explain the elements of the integrated waste management system, but at the same time it is necessary that the institutional aspects related to the organization of the system should be clarified as soon as possible. For her part, the president of the commission, Mrs. Marina Tauber, informed the meeting participants that the development of the waste management sector is a national priority and remains in the attention of the parliamentarians.

The actions are part of the project program,,Towards an intercommunal, effective and sustainable management of waste in the central-eastern area of the Republic of Moldova” and mainly aims to implement a global solution to improve waste management, while supporting communities in the transition to an innovative and efficient service.

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