April 30, 2021, deadline for reporting data by waste holders in SIA MD


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Waste management
Roman Bahnaru e-Circular

In accordance with HG 501/2018 for the approval of the Instruction on keeping records and transmitting data and information about waste and its management, all waste holders who generate more than 50 kg of hazardous waste or more than 1 ton of non-hazardous waste are dangerous, they have the obligation to report to the Environment Agency by the date of April 30, 2021 through the Automated Information System "Waste Management" or on paper, the total amount of each category of waste they generate/receive/collect, as well as the information regarding their management, in accordance with Form no. 2: Waste reporting and management from the Instruction.

According to the Waste Law, the owners of waste regardless of the type of activity, type of property, legal form of organization and source of financing are:
    1) entities whose activity generates waste (waste producers), in accordance with the provisions of art. 32 of the Waste Law;
    2) the entities that collect, on the basis of the contract, the waste generated by other entities (population, commercial units and institutions), in accordance with the provisions of art. 11 lit. g) and art. 32 of the Waste Law; 
    3) the holders of the environmental authorization for waste management, in accordance with the provisions of art. 25 of the Waste Law;
    4) the units and enterprises that are subject to exemptions from the authorization requirements, according to art. 27 of the Waste Law;
    5) waste agents or brokers.

Correct annual reporting is done based on data collected and recorded by waste holders through the monthly record of the quantity, nature and origin of the waste generated/received on the same site, completing a separate file for each category of waste generated/received, according to form no. 1 and the requirements specified in annex no. 1 of the Instruction. For this, initially waste owners will assign to each type of waste generated (received/collected) a complete code, consisting of 6 digits, in accordance with the List of waste, approved by Government Decision no. 99 of January 30, 2018. 

Operators managing municipal waste will report to the Environment Agency:
1) data and information about waste and its management that they receive from waste holders;

2) the name and code of the locality, according to the Classifier of administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Moldova - CUATM (with the specification of the territorial profile, including rural/urban);

3) the number of the population and the number of households that benefit from sanitation (with the specification of the territorial profile, including rural/urban).

In the context of effective waste management and reporting, LPAs will update data and information on waste and its management in order to:

1) identifying deficiencies in the data and information presented;
2) using the data and information presented for monitoring waste management performance, development policies and planning new initiatives, as well as for the promotion of other environmental protection initiatives.

In accordance with the provisions of the Instruction, the entities responsible for recording and managing waste keep their records for 12 months, in the case of non-hazardous waste, and for 3 years, in the case of hazardous waste, with the exception of hazardous waste transport units and enterprises, which must retain for at least 12 months, providing these records to the regulatory authority upon request.

Careful! Failure to comply with the provisions regarding record keeping and transmission of data and information about waste and its management entails disciplinary, contraventional, criminal or civil liability, as the case may be.

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