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If you are tired of garbage and want to better understand how to manage the waste in your life then we avoid you to meet a new educational product EcoVisio brand – The course "At the Limit of Waste".


  • where the garbage comes from and how to get rid of it
  • how to introduce waste reduction and management practices into everyday life
  • how to navigate your shopping to return home with less waste
  • how to communicate about waste with loved ones and how to convince colleagues to join you in green practices


  1. For people just starting out, who are fed up with trash and want to reduce waste in their lives
  2. For people who already sort and reduce waste, but feel they need help forming habits and communicating with those around them about waste.


  1. Introduction to waste

We explore the types of waste, their origin and what waste management pathways exist.

  1. Daily waste management

We examine the waste we buy and bring home every day, even the waste we give away to loved ones. We meet the Zero Waste pyramid.

  1. Sorting and recycling

How can we increase the chances of our waste being recycled? How do we organize the waste sorting process at home?

  1. Recycling infrastructure

We research the existing infrastructure, find out where and how we can contribute to its emergence.

  1. Ecological habits

How to integrate green actions into your daily life in the form of automated habits.

  1. Reuse – we prevent the formation of waste

What do we do with the good things we no longer need? What about the damaged ones?

  1. Refusal and discount

About the most powerful but unpopular waste prevention action and the pitfalls of manufacturers who want to sell us "green" products.

  1. Reusable objects

We'll learn how to replace single-use or harmful things with reusable and harmless items… or get rid of them altogether.

  1. Nonviolent communication

We talk to loved ones about waste without arguing.

  1. The motivation of those around

We will learn how to structure a persuasive conversation on the topic of waste, and eliminate the objections of acquaintances and colleagues.


The course is self-paced – meaning you'll go through it at your own pace, without support, chats and webinars. We recommend taking one lesson every 1-2 days. The length of the lesson depends on how quickly you interact with the content, but it's usually 20 to 40 minutes. We invite you to try all the buttons, surveys and links, as they are an integral part of the course. And of course, don't forget to have fun learning, and learn by doing!


To register for the course, go to this link Romanian language long link

short link 


Yes, you can take the course from your phone, tablet and computer.

The course is free, but if you "pay" us with pictures of your progress in waste prevention and management, we won't mind!

In the course, the homework is about applying what you have learned in the lesson, so we recommend that you try in practice everything that seems useful to you.

Access to the course will last 5 weeks after registration. The materials – images, lists, infographics – can be saved and used by you after finishing the course.

There are 10 basic lessons, 1 introductory and 1 closing. Each lesson will take you around 20-40 minutes to go through all the material.

German partner for the realization of the project "Promoting climate education in Eastern Europe" - eV Austausch. The project is carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

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