AO "E-CIRCULAR" presented the educational offer for the year 2023 towards a more efficient transition to the green economy!


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Roman Bahnaru e-Circular

In the context in which, at the national level, we have assumed as a commitment the transition to a green and circular economy in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development, it is important to invest in education and green skills training among employees in all sectors of the national economy. An important step in this regard was achieved by the "E-Circular" training and consulting AO, which in 2021 achieved the provisional authorization of the first and only training course for adults "Waste Management Specialist". The course proved to be useful and necessary among economic agents, LPAs, etc., contributing directly to ensuring legal compliance and organizing correct waste management. 

In the year 2022 with the support  German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), AO "E-Circular" succeeded in diversifying the educational offer for a cleaner environment and green skills among employees, respectively initiating the accreditation procedure of 3 short-term training programs for adults:

  • Responsible for the Environment. Total 90 course hours, 3 credits.
  • Responsible for waste management (previously named Waste Management Specialist according to CORM/2014). Total 90 course hours, 3 credits.

In the The finalization conference of the project "Strengthening the capacities of AO "E-CIRCULAR" in the development and provision of Continuing Education Programs for adults towards a more efficient transition to the green economy", AO E-Circular presented the educational offer for the year 2023, thus contributing to facilitating the access of employees from all sectors of the national economy to training courses for adults and respectively the development of green skills. Starting in 2023, the training process will be carried out through an online educational platform with access only for course participants. Access to the platform will enable participants to use the course materials more effectively, to interact practically and to test their knowledge/skills in the field.

Details of the continuing education offer for adults!


Professional skills acquired:

  • Identification of sustainability strategies and organization of the environmental protection department;
  • Identification of legal obligations and elaboration of the List of applicable legal requirements;
  • Identification of environmental aspects within an activity with an impact on the environment;
  • Assessment of the environmental impact generated by the company's activities;
  • Coordinating the traceability of hazardous and non-hazardous waste within the company;
  • Preparation of records and reports required by environmental legislation;
  • Organization of an Environmental Management System and its role within an organization;
  • Planning and evaluation of an internal environmental audit;
  • Development of the program for monitoring and reporting environmental factors;
  • Knowledge of the mechanism for acquiring environmental permits from the competent bodies.

RESPONSIBLE FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT + Circular Economy/ 90 hours, 3 credits

Professional skills acquired:

  • Understanding and correct application of the provisions of the legal framework regarding waste management;
  • Organization of the integrated waste management system;
  • Waste data recording and reporting;
  • Elaboration and implementation of a Waste Prevention/Reduction Plan;
  • Carrying out a waste audit;
  • Correct implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility Mechanism (REP);
  • Knowledge of the mechanism for acquiring environmental permits from the competent bodies;
  • Practical solutions to avoid violating environmental legislation in the field of waste;
  • Understanding and applicability of the circular economic model;
  • Understanding the value chain of a product and how it can be translated into the circular compass to be able to identify the most optimal circular strategies.

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