Citizen involved for a CLEAN RIVER!

A run towards a green future


Project financed by the Small Grants Program with the financial support of the Swedish Government and the support of the National Environment Center and implemented by AO the E-CIRCULAR Training and Consulting Center, between February and October 2022.
STATUS Completed project
Category Education and information
Implemented with support The project is implemented in partnership with the Străseni City Hall
Project amount 202,890 MDL
Duration of the project Nine months

About the project

The project "Citizen involved for a CLEAN river" is implemented with the aim of influencing the unsustainable attitude and behavior among the population and to address one of the most serious environmental problems in the locality - pollution and contamination of the water from the streams that cross the town and that flow into the Bîc river. The project aims at the sanitation of a portion of the river and the area in the immediate vicinity by involving as many people as possible in sanitation activities. The main result pursued is the awareness of the population and the collection of as much waste as possible, which presents an increased risk for water and soil. The quality of the activities initiated in this regard will be supplemented by carrying out the excavation activity of a portion of the stream, which as a finality, will solve the problem of clogging the channel currently blocked with mud and waste.

In order to combat one of the most serious environmental problems, namely the pollution and contamination of the water from the streams that cross the town and that flow into the Bîc river, the excavation of the bed of a sector of the stream that crosses the town of Străseni was recently organized. As a result, we successfully managed to unblock a channel clogged with silt and solid waste, and the citizens were involved in the sanitation of a portion of the stream and the immediate area. In the future, these results will only be able to be maintained if each individual will contribute to reducing the amount of waste stored in landfills or thrown into local waters

The project joined the National Cleanliness Campaign with the slogan "United for a clean community. Love your river and your city." In total, more than 500 people from Strašene: civil servants, municipal councilors, representatives of public institutions, associative structures, economic agents, were organized and mobilized in different locations in the community for sanitation activities. The event was also supported by the EU delegation and the direct presence of Mr. JĀNIS MAŽEIKS, EU Ambassador in Moldova, who participated with the community of Strășeni in the sanitation of the town. The 70 representatives of the diplomatic corps, international financiers, public and private sector institutions promote an example of civic involvement among the community with the aim of reducing waste pollution and the impact resulting from its accumulation in green spaces, water bodies, etc. All collected waste was picked up and transported by the municipal operator ÎM "Gospodaria Comunala Străseni". A total of 60 m3 of waste (organic and recyclable) were collected during the event.

All the information and good examples accumulated during the project in the form of sanitation campaigns, ecological classes, informative workshops have contributed and will continue to contribute directly to the education of new skills among the population of different ages and involved in various fields of activity.

734 m3excavated stream
4000 trained students
11 participating educational institutions
60 m3 collected waste

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