The "Waste Management" magazine, edited quarterly by the "Association for Waste Recovery" AO


STATUS Completed project
Category Circular economy, Education and information, Interview, Expert view

About the project

"Waste Management" magazine is a publication of AO "Association for Waste Recovery", with quarterly publication (4 editions per year) and national distribution.

The purpose of the magazine is to inform and guide the readers of the magazine in the direction of the greening of its activities at the country, locality, institution or household level, we place special emphasis on establishing and
strengthening sustainable partnerships with the public, private sector and civil society. In this sense, various announcements, presentations of eco-sustainable products and services, events, projects, etc. constantly appear on the pages of the magazine.

The magazine is addressed to central and local public authorities, economic agents, authorized operators specialized in waste collection and recycling, educational institutions, NGOs, individuals, as well as any reader interested in this field.

Subscribers to the magazine have access to the most up-to-date information on:

  • Effective waste management practices;
  • Guidelines for economic agents and LPAs to ensure legal compliance regarding waste management;
  • Access to the most current studies in the field;
  • Statistical interpretation of waste data;
  • Interviews with operators, recyclers, representatives of local authorities;
  • The view of experts in the field;
  • External news and useful information for academia, etc.

Data about the Magazine

  • First appearance – March 2013
  • Index: PM32200
  • Quarterly publication
  • National distribution
  • Format 20X29 cm
  • 48-52 pages

Magazine columns

  • News in brief
  • Waste management
  • Interviews
  • Legislative news
  • The expert's view
  • Ecological calendar
  • The Young Ecologist
  • Foreign news

Other projects

Discover other initiatives focused on the circular economy and sustainable waste management in the Republic of Moldova.

FNM project

The project aims to raise awareness of the problems generated by plastic waste at the national level and promote sustainable practices for its prevention and management. The project focuses on educating the population about the impact of plastic waste on the environment and the costs associated with its management.


The initiative "Plastic Waste in the Circular Economy: Community Solutions" combats the problem of plastic waste through actions at the local level. Run by the NGOs "Verde e Moldova" and "E-CIRCULAR" with GEF funding, the project implements educational measures, collection and prevention of plastic pollution in three communities in the Republic of Moldova.

CNM project

The "Citizen involved for a CLEAN RIVER" initiative is a project organized by the Association for Waste Recovery, with the support of the Străseni City Hall, which aims to improve the behavior of the local community towards the environment by cleaning the river and raising awareness of the risks that waste represents for aquatic ecosystems .