The World Day of Cleanliness united the community of Străseni, Zubrești and Trebujeni for a cleaner environment!


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In a world increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, World Cleanup Day has become a significant event in the calendar of communities around the world. Under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment, this year, the partner localities of the "Plastic Waste in the Circular Economy: Community Solutions" project, specifically the municipality of Strășeni, the commune of Zubrești and the commune of Trebujeni in the Republic of Moldova, have shown solidarity and involvement in large-scale sanitation actions , mobilizing over 250 people to make World Cleanup Day 2023 an unforgettable experience.

With determination and passion, the volunteers in these localities had a common goal: to transform public spaces into cleaner and more beautiful places for the community. Through the collective efforts of the employees of the City Hall, the Municipal Household, the local schools and kindergartens and other local organizations, together with dedicated citizens and young enthusiasts, together they managed to achieve this goal successfully.

In Străseni, the area in the region of the multifunctional sports complex on Iakir Street was transformed from a neglected area into a cleaner and waste-free space. Being an area often used by locals as a picnic area, irresponsibly dumped waste littered the green space.

The young people studying at Zubrești Theoretical High School decided to revitalize the space near the educational institution, and a group of mothers together with the employees of the local kindergarten cleaned the "Liberator Soldier" Monument.

The residents of Trebujeni have succeeded in revitalizing the slum in the region of Gonoisti, turning it into a safe area for everyone. Here, community runners Run Moldova they joined the plogging trend, collecting waste as they ran through town. Trebujeni has cause for concern, here the waste arrives by air from the landfill to the green spaces in the neighborhood. Through their sustained efforts, volunteers have helped improve the aesthetic appearance of these public areas.

In each of these localities, more than 50 bags of waste were collected, thus demonstrating the sustained effort of the communities in terms of environmental cleanliness. The volunteers who participated in the sanitation activities found plastic waste and packaging that had been in the environment for years, representing a danger to the local biodiversity. This discovery emphasizes the need for education and awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and the responsibility of every citizen.

A notable aspect of this initiative was the active involvement of the local community, especially the youth. The team of young footballers from Străseni, together with their coach, were the main protagonists who inspired the adults to do more. High school students from Zubrești provided an example of involvement and responsibility towards the environment. In Trebujeni, young people and the active community were the driving force in this clean-up effort.

Among the people who had a key role in the organization and coordination of these sanitation activities are the mayors: Valentina Casian from the municipality of Străseni, Maria Manoli from the commune of Zubrești and Cristina Gandrabur from the commune of Trebujeni. With dedicated leaders and motivated communities, these localities set an example of civic responsibility and awareness of the importance of keeping the environment clean.

At a time when the environment is increasingly threatened by pollution and waste, such initiatives demonstrate that united communities can make significant changes in the fight against pollution and for a healthier environment. This initiative not only brought a tangible change in Străseni, Zubrești and Trebujeni, but also increased awareness of the need to protect the environment. World Cleanup Day was not only a day of cleanliness, but also a symbol of our responsibility towards the environment and towards future generations. With the hope that these actions will inspire other communities to get involved in protecting the environment, we can look to the future with confidence and a healthier environment in mind.

Organized activities are part of the project "Plastic Waste in the Circular Economy: Community Solutions" implemented by AO Verde is Moldova in partnership with AO E-CIRCULAR Training and Consulting Center with the financial support of the GEF-PNUD Small Grants Program.

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