Kaufland has installed packaging recycling machines!


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Roman Bahnaru e-Circular

With the opening of the two Kaufland stores in Chisinau, automatic packaging recycling machines were installed, a first for the Republic of Moldova, in the parking lots of the stores on Decebal Street 99/2 and Mircea cel Bătrân Street 25/1.

Through this program, Kaufland Moldova contributes to efforts to reduce pollution and encourages its customers to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment. 

"The program is initiated and carried out 100% by Kaufland and brings to the public utility, the latest generation technology in terms of protecting the environment. We all need to make a commitment to the world we live in and to future generations. Involvement makes the difference and only together we can create a better world for everyone", said Cristina Aramă, Kaufland Moldova PR manager. 

The recycling machines are self-service and accept three types of packaging: PETs (with a volume of up to 3 liters), glass and aluminum cans (with a volume of up to 1 liter). The containers are fully technological with a packaging processing capacity of up to 60 containers per minute. For every 5 recycled products, regardless of the type of packaging – the machine issues a discount voucher for the products from the promotions announced by the store.  

Packaging can be randomly inserted into the container, either aluminum, glass or plastic, which must be clean, undamaged and empty of contents. The machine will automatically identify the type of packaging and sort it and direct it to the bin corresponding to each type of material. The machines are equipped with sensors for measuring the degree of filling, motion sensors, surveillance cameras and a sorting line. After the 5 containers are inserted, the machine automatically releases the voucher. 

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