Edition no. 3 of the Online Dialogue Platform: "Waste Management" magazine, no. 32/2021


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Waste management
Roman Bahnaru e-Circular

Tuesday, December 28, AO Association for Waste Recovery organized the third edition of Online Dialogue Platform Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova, on the occasion of the publication of number 32 a Quarterly magazines Waste Management. Traditionally, during the event, various current topics were discussed and published on the pages of the magazine, only with the aim of facilitating the process of informing participants from different regions of the country and from various fields of activity and occupational preferences, about the correct management of of waste in the Republic of Moldova.

This new issue of the Magazine brings to the fore more than ever the importance of rethinking the way we produce, consume products and how we manage the generated waste. The simple fact that over 1 trillion tons of natural resources enter the global economic circuit and at most 8.6% of these resources are recycled or that the world produces over 2 billion tons of solid waste and 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to a waste management service is proof of unsustainable environmental management and the consequences of a linear economic model.

The first topic addressed within the platform concerns Food waste management in focus at COP 26!, in the context in which 1/3 of the food consumed becomes waste, 1 in 3 people do not have access to sanitation and over 800 million people suffer from malnutrition. An important aspect mentioned by Aurelia Bahnaru, president of e-Circular and noted in the presentation is related to the removal of food waste from landfills, as the simplest example of how the CIRCULAR ECONOMY works.

The presentation was continued by Mr Igor Sheremet, the director of the "Center for Development of Chisinau" Foundation, who presented practical and legal aspects regarding applicability The Polluter Pays Principle, a principle that aims to reduce pollution at the source by establishing environmental standards, by introducing mandatory pollution prevention and monitoring systems with the aim of reducing risks, by prohibiting certain activities and by capping emissions of certain pollutants.

A new column in Waste Management Magazine is about "Circular Economy". The subject addressed in the dialogue platform by Natalia Rotari, Expert in local development, LEADER National Network from the Republic of Moldova is about "The Local Action Group (LAG) — as an effective platform for implementing a circular economic approach based on partnership". The year 2021 represented an important stage in the correct implementation of circular economy principles by evaluating the circularity potential at the level of a geographical entity with common potential such as the territory of a LAG*. Therefore, in the period July-November 2021, the evaluation of the circular economy potential was carried out at the level "Valea Cuboltei" GAL. Part of the study results are published on the magazine's page (pages 37-39).

About the impact of WEEE on health, he presented Roman Bahnaru, the EcoDigital Association, which implements the project nationally We recycle WEEE and achieve the SDGs, with the financial support of Gef SGP Moldova small grants program. Roman emphasized the consequences of inadequate disposal of electronic waste in landfills, a wrong practice that poses serious threats to the health of the population and can affect natural ecosystems for future generations.

At the end, Aurelia Bahnaru, the director of the magazine, presented static results regarding the sanitation of the localities in the Republic of Moldova, which are the top healthiest and top unsanitary localities. In the context of the stated data, namely only 20 % from rural localities that have access to sanitation services, it is absolutely important to plan and implement the local waste management plan. An important support in this sense being guide developed by AVD in 2021 with the support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Many other interesting and highly relevant topics in the field of waste management can be accessed by purchasing the latest issue of the magazine. (.pdf) version can be purchased online via this link

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