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Photo contest with the theme "Without Plastic I feel Fantastic" was launched by the AO Association for Waste Recovery with the financial support of the European Union within the Project "Development of the capacities of civil society organizations" which is a regional project implemented by ERIM (previously IREX Europe).

The participants of this contest promoted the reuse, recycling and reduction of plastic waste practices among the population of all ages in the Republic of Moldova through the photos taken.

First place, Prize of 2000 lei. Corina Doni, with the message: "Plastic is an element of convenience, which some consider indispensable. Almost all PET and single-use items that are thrown in the trash, end up in landfills or in the environment. Through these photos I want to motivate people to replace plastic with recyclable or biodegradable materials. It is not difficult to keep recreation places clean and if possible to clean them. In the pictures I wanted to show that we can replace plastic, that we don't have to wait for the world to become better, the change starts with each of us."

Second place, Prize of 1000 lei. Beatrice Ciobanu, with the message: "Together with my sister we own a small business with eco-friendly 100% natural cotton bags, which we paint with special textile colors with any design the customer wants. By selling these new pouches we promote their use when shopping, representing an ecological alternative to plastic bags. The most important thing is that we do it by our own example, using them and offering the public a more economical and at the same time sustainable alternative. The peat mosses we create can be used for various purposes, and my sister and I encourage people to use them for the good of the planet and for our own good.”

Third place, Prize of 500 lei. Iulia Bors, with the message:"Plastic is everywhere. It began to be produced in industrial quantities 70 years ago and has become, over time, the symbol of consumer societies and one of the most serious threats to the health of the planet. Glass can be recycled by melting indefinitely without losing its properties. Also, the costs of recycling are lower than those of glass production from raw materials, thus saving energy. Colorless glass is more valuable, because it can be reused for several purposes. Bags are used very frequently today and, as they cannot be recycled, they represent a real danger to the environment. The worthy replacement of plastic bags, they are safer for people and nature. That is why we should avoid them as much as possible, replacing plastic bags with reusable ones, and we could change the non-renewable bags, which inevitably pollute the earth and waters, with live textiles, which can be reused."

Russian RenatA

It is also important to note the contribution/creativity of the other participants in the contest, whose pictures we present below:

Author: Rusu Renata with the message "In the pictures sent by me I want to present you a work made of plastic. This flower basket is made of plastic bottles. During the making of this work I felt very happy because this small work can be used to beautify the house, it can be a gift for a birthday. That plastic could be used in such a way as to bring only some damage to the Planet, but I found a solution to save our Planet as little as possible and instead of throwing these bottles away, I made something beautiful and pleasant. I am very satisfied with my work and I have decided that from now on I will always use plastic to decorate something or make different works."

Andrei Bordeian

Author: Andrei Bordeian with the message "The mother comes from shopping with the child, to whom she gives a good ecological education, without plastic. I only use eco bags, comfortable, resistant over time even to heavier weights."

Buckwheat Amelia

Author: Grișca Amelia with the message "By replacing the usual plastic objects with objects made of natural materials such as wood, clay, fabric, etc., we make our environment more beautiful, safer and more comfortable."

Solonar Nina

Author: Jelihovschii Diana with the message "Environmental education should be taught from a very young age. Children are the future. The innocence of a child is equal to the pure beauty of nature. Both the Child and Nature must be protected to have a future! Let's keep what we are given to secure tomorrow! Let's enjoy the beauty that surrounds us! Let's keep our Nature and Souls clean!"

Jelichovschii Diana

Author: Angela Melnic, with the message "Plastic and rubber are the wastes that have invaded our life and have a very harmful influence on it. Their elimination or reuse would be the right methods, which would save humanity and the Planet from their devastating consequences. The pictures submitted are meant to suggest that through engagement, what is harmful can become beautiful, useful and impressive. By reducing plastic waste, we save lives and keep ourselves healthy!”

Author: Solonaru Nina, with the message "For more than 5 years we have given up juices from the stores and we make juices from all fruits for ourselves and the children, in the picture above is curcuduse compote. In addition to the benefit of consuming natural drinks without preservatives, we also have the advantage of getting rid of plastic packaging, and not only that which contributes to filling the trash can."

Author: Zabulica Dumitru, with the message "We have demonstrated through these photos what are the sustainable practices through which we can exclude plastic, through the before/after technique. Whether we are at home, in the office, in nature, in the kitchen, etc., there are always methods/alternatives by which we can replace plastic. Let's say goodbye to plastic cutlery! We can replace them with traditional cutlery or we can use biodegradable and compostable cutlery. How about starting to use a canvas bag instead of a plastic one today! Create a new habit of taking your own reusable items with you!
Keep in mind the principles of the 5 R's: refuse, reduce consumption, reuse, repair, recycle."

Melnic Angela
Zabulica Dumitru
Mîndrescu Nikita

Author: Mîndrescu Nichita, with the message "The waste around us has become a habit. My family has been struggling with plastic and household waste for several years, that's why we use paper packages. The message conveyed by this photo is “Opt for eco-friendly packages and save the environment. In my everyday life I am guided by the slogan "It's not my trash, but it's my planet". Knowing that plastic products take tens and thousands of years to decompose, I accepted the challenge to make a corner near my house cleaner. I urge everyone to say no to plastic products, like my family is doing.”

Author: Alina Cristea, with the message "The message that the pictures reflect is found in the idea that our globe suffers because of plastic, and if we follow the path of ecology and find other alternatives to replace plastic objects, the Earth will flourish, and we with the soul reconciled, we will be able to say with great pride: Without PLASTIC - I feel FANTASTIC!"

The "Plastic-Free I Feel Fantastic" campaign joins global campaign  #PlasticFreeJuly2021, attended by over 300 million people from all over the world, with the aim of publicizing and promoting good practices in the fight against PLASTIC waste in the Republic of Moldova.

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