Study Plastic waste in the Republic of Moldova

Published: November 27, 2023

This data panel is developed in the base The study on Plastic waste in the Republic of Moldova within the Project "Plastic Waste in the Circular Economy: Community Solutions", implemented by AO Verde e Moldova in partnership with AO "E-Circular" Training and Consulting Center with the financial support of the Small Grants Program GEF SGP Moldova, implemented by UNDP . The panel data includes interactive information with reference to:

  • The market of plastic materials in the Republic of Moldova: Import and export (millions of lei)
  • Manufacturers of plastic materials by region and type of activity (CAEM code)
  • Type of plastic products manufactured in the Republic of Moldova
  • Companies authorized to collect, transport and treat plastic waste
  • Quantities of plastic waste generated, collected and recovered in 2020 and 2021