"Clean city with recycled e-Waste" project (AVD with GEF SGP Moldova support, implemented by UNDP)


The project "Clean city with recycled e-Waste - Recycle today for your health tomorrow" is developed by AO Association for Waste Recovery under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment in partnership with Moldrec Association, Chisinau City Hall and with the support of the Program of GEF Small Grants, implemented by UNDP.
STATUS Completed project
Category Recycle
Implemented with support Small Grants Program SGP Moldova
Project amount $45,470.00
Duration of the project December 2018 – May 2020

About the project

The project "Clean city with recycled e-Waste– Recycle today for your health tomorrow” was launched at the end of 2018 by the AO “Association for Waste Recovery” with the support of the Small Grants Program GEF SGP Moldova, implemented by UNDP and in partnership with the company Moldrec.

The project aims to create the minimum infrastructure necessary for the proper collection of e-Waste in the municipality of Chisinau and take over this model later for implementation at the national level, including the formation and education of ecological and sustainable behavior among the population.

Only in the municipality of Chisinau, 80 medium-sized dumpsters were installed in the premises of public, private and academic institutions and another 8 large dumpsters for outside, 7 of them placed on the territory of BEMOL filling stations and one within the Riolit company System. To ease the burden on waste generators and holders, we have also created a Map of collection points, which allows you to easily identify the nearest e-waste collection point.

At the end of 2019, the Waste Recovery Association supported the campaign launched by Hai Moldova, providing another 40 educational institutions from each district of the Republic of Moldova with specialized dumpsters for the collection of WEEE. In total, more than 38 thousand students were involved, who managed to collect 45,406 kg of e-Waste.

The objectives of the project are tangential to the objectives set out in the Waste Management Strategy for the period 2013-2027, Law no. 209 on waste, the Regulation on WEEE and the requirements of the Association Agreement of the Republic of Moldova with the European Union, chapter 16 regarding the management of waste, the implementation of progressive methods of collection, recycling, valorization and storage of waste. In this sense, the project will provide economic agents as producers who fall under the extended responsibility principle, the minimum necessary tools to initiate collection and awareness campaigns (with the subsequent reflection of the information in the action plan presented to MADRM).

The quantities of e-Waste collected within the project are exported by the company Moldrec to GreenWEEE Buzău, thus ensuring the proper treatment and recycling of this waste.

  • 32 public institutions, NGOs encouraged to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their activity, collecting and sorting e-Waste correctly in the offices.
  • 13 economic agents, producers of waste, who apply in their activity the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility and the provisions of the Regulation on the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste.
  • 70 educational institutions and over 70 thousand students and teaching staff, who know the danger of e-Waste on the environment and health and have specialized dumpsters for their correct collection.


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