The idea of the project is to publicize and promote good practices in the fight against PLASTIC waste through an awareness campaign with the generic "Plastic-free - I feel fantastic!". The duration of the project is only 3 months, which will be focused on an intense promotion of the subject addressed, with the final goal of influencing the consumption decision of the population of the Republic of different ages, knowledge and compliance with the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, knowledge and application "alphabet of plastic waste", etc.
STATUS Completed project
Category Circular economy, Recycling
Implemented with support ERIM (previously IREX Europe)
Project amount 3000 euros
Duration of the project 3 months
Implementation period July-September 2021

About the project

Information and awareness campaign "Without PLASTIC I feel FANTASTIC" is an information and awareness project launched by the AO Association for Waste Recovery with the financial support of the European Union within the Project "Development of the capacities of civil society organizations" which is a regional project implemented by ERIM (previously IREX Europe).

Plastic is the inevitable enemy of modern society, the amount of which increases substantially from one year to the next. The amount produced in the last decade exceeds that produced in a century. In 2019 alone, 465 million tons of plastic were produced, 30% more compared to 2018. Developing countries such as the Republic of Moldova, despite the legal instruments developed, encounter enormous difficulties in organizing an effective management system of these waste. However, there are many of us who are already taking small but smart actions in order to reduce plastic in our daily activities and especially the disposable one.

The information campaign includes various activities and contests designed by the implementation team, jointly contributing to the facilitation of the population's awareness process regarding the rational and correct consumption of plastic products, the benefits of separate collection, how plastic affects our health and what is expected of to the producers of these packaging to succeed in the transition towards a circular and sustainable economy.

The most important materials produced during the campaign, including presentations from organized events, are listed below:


PLASTIC_An approach based on human rights

Contest results Without Plastic I feel fantastic

APIAM – pilot EPR Moldova


The plastic-hidden-enemy


Issue 1

In the first episode Without Plastic I feel FANTASTIC, we went shopping where we procured food trying to avoid commercial plastic as much as possible, later we explained the types of plastic found on store shelves. But that's not all, because in this explanatory video we talked to people on the street about the volume of plastic they consume, but also with Irina Balica, the ABS manager who gave us more details about how and where it can be recycled or reused plastic in Moldova.

Issue 2

A new episode of the "Plastic Free I Feel Fantastic" project, where we talk about solutions and alternatives to avoid plastic. That's why, in this edition we talked to those who promote and show friendly care towards the environment.

Types of plastic

Project partners and financiers

We thank our supporters for their essential contribution in making this project a reality.

Other projects

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The project aims to raise awareness of the problems generated by plastic waste at the national level and promote sustainable practices for its prevention and management. The project focuses on educating the population about the impact of plastic waste on the environment and the costs associated with its management.


The initiative "Plastic Waste in the Circular Economy: Community Solutions" combats the problem of plastic waste through actions at the local level. Run by the NGOs "Verde e Moldova" and "E-CIRCULAR" with GEF funding, the project implements educational measures, collection and prevention of plastic pollution in three communities in the Republic of Moldova.

Run away from plastic

The "Plastic Escape" project, developed by AO "EcoDigital" and its partners, is dedicated to reducing plastic pollution and promoting a healthy lifestyle through activities such as plogging. The initiative encourages sustainable practices and makes the public aware of the dangers of plastic, offering eco-friendly solutions for the prevention and reuse of plastic waste.