Global Recycling Day 2020


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The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) launched for the first time in 2018 - "Global Recycling Day" to recognize the benefits of recycling at an international level. Establishing a day each year to recognize the vital role that recycling plays in preserving the well-being of our planet is an effective way of focusing the world's attention on the essential and urgent steps needed to protect the future of planet Earth.

World Recycling Day was celebrated for the first time on March 18, 2018, the same day BIR celebrated its 70th anniversary. The day was an unprecedented success, with over 13 million people from around the world actively participating in the event.

The theme for this year's Global Recycling Day is about #RecyclingHeroes (Recycling Heroes). It is about the people, companies and countries that have made their contribution to greening the Planet and reducing economic pressure and consumerism on the environment.

On this occasion, we challenge you to answer 7 key questions about how you use the 7th resource:

1. Do I dispose of everything I used (plastic bottles, refrigerators, cars) properly so that it can be recycled?

2. Do I know and follow local and central authority recycling policies?

3. Do I know what happens to recyclables once they are taken by the local authority?

4. Do I, family and friends maintain, repair and reuse to sustain the utility of the objects around us for as long as possible?

5. Have I committed/committed to producing as little waste as possible?

6. Do I know if the brands/products I buy facilitate my purchase decision by correct and "recycling friendly" actions?

7. Am I sufficiently aware of the Government's recycling legislation or should I ask/request more?

There are no more excuses and no time to hold back on this change….

These changes are urgent if we are to preserve the earth's natural resources and secure the future of our planet.

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