National conference 2023 – circular economy in the Republic of Moldova

The event provides a platform for dialogue between national and international experts, representatives of the public sector, the business environment, academia and civil society with the aim of exploring innovative solutions and accelerating the transition to circular business models based on sustainable partnerships!


STATUS Event completed
Date 17 November 2023, time 09:30
Location Digital Park, Strada Mihai Viteazul 15, Chisinau
Topic The circular economy in the Republic of Moldova

About the event

The 2023 National Conference brings together decision-makers, experts, companies and NGOs to explore the opportunities and challenges of the transition of the Republic of Moldova towards a sustainable circular economy.

On the agenda are key themes such as waste management, extended producer responsibility, sustainable consumption, financing of circular projects and practical implementation in various sectors. Through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, the event promotes innovative solutions, partnerships and education, representing an essential platform for constructive dialogue and the transformation of challenges into valuable opportunities.


At this event, renowned experts will share their valuable insights and insights on environment, culture and innovation. Come listen to them and get inspired!

Grigore Stratulat
Secretary of State Ministry of the Environment
Andrei Chistol
Secretary of State, Ministry of Culture
Ion Iordachi
Deputy General Director of the Investment Agency of Moldova
Dr. Henning Wilts
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy

Dr. Henning Wilts heads the Circular Economy Department at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. His research focuses on transition processes towards a circular economy: How can linear processes be transformed into value creation processes in a circular way as quickly as possible? Why haven't we already become a circular economy and how can politicians overcome the main obstacles?

To achieve this goal, he coordinates various research projects in the areas of circular textiles, packaging waste prevention and zero waste strategies. He is currently also in charge of the scientific study for the national circular economy strategy in Germany.

From 2023, he holds the professorship for Circular Economy at the Hafencity University in Hamburg.

Jo Morley
City to Sea, England

Jo leads the Marketing and Campaigns team at City to Sea, an environmental charity and social enterprise with a mission to stop plastic pollution at its source and make it easier for everyone to live with less waste.

With a background in social science, behavior change and communication, and more than a decade of experience leading campaigns on a range of environmental issues, Jo has a track record of delivering award-winning projects and campaigns that create change at the grassroots level. government, corporations and citizens.

At City to Sea, Jo led the global Refill Campaign, World Refill Day, Plastic Free Periods, Cutlery Reduction as well as a number of projects to drive behavior change and innovation and growth in the recycling sector.

Sofia-Julia Sydorenco
Zero Waste Ukraine

Sofia Sydorenko, head of the Zero Waste Ukraine Alliance. She joined the zero waste movement in Ukraine in 2016. In 2018 she was one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian zero waste alliance, which currently includes six zero waste organizations and initiatives. She is passionate about the rational use of resources, fights for freedom and loves ice cream :)

Denis Parea
GEF SGP Program Coordinator

National Coordinator of the GEF Small Grants Program. Expert in waste management. Over 10 years of experience in environmental project management.

Anatolie Risina
AO Verde is Moldova
Antonia Gravagnuolo
Be.CULTOUR Project Coordinator
Ion Lica
Organization for the Development of Entrepreneurship
Aurelia Bahnaru
AO E-Circular

Aurelia BAHNARU is a doctor in economic sciences, President of the Training and Consulting Center "E-Circular" with 10 years of experience in the field of education and professional training of adults, regarding waste management and promoting the principles of the circular economy.

He has successfully carried out and coordinated projects in the field of waste management and citizen empowerment, developed nationally representative studies, local/institutional waste management strategies, waste management programs, certified training in the field of waste management, etc.

Since 2014, he ensures the quarterly publication of the "Managementul Deșeurilor" magazine, the first and only profile magazine in the Republic of Moldova.

Ioana Cerescu
CEO of AER, Piatra-Neamt
Victoria Ivancioglo
Project manager, UNDP Moldova
Roxana Ślemco
Direction of the NORTH-EAST Regional Study Center
Natalia Iachimov
Project Coordinator, International Labor Organization
Denis Macovschi
Environmental agency
Roman Bahnaru
AO EcoDigital
Vladimir Anton
Development Director, Terafix SRL
Mihail Cojocaru
AO EcoSave Foundation
Ion Wolf
Elena Tacu
Natalia Rotari
SRL Bio Circular
Oxana Tcaci
Director of the Valea Cuboltei GAL
Daniel Tentiuc
Ministry of the Environment


A detailed look at the conference program, designed to facilitate critical discussions and partnerships in the evolution towards a circular economy.
Registration of participants
Hour09:30 - 10:00

The official start of the event, marking the beginning of the activities and the registration of those present.

Word of greeting
Hour10:00 - 10:30

Grigore STRATULAT, State Secretary Ministry of the Environment

Andrei CHISTOL, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture

UNDP Moldova

Denis PAREA, GEF SGP Program Coordinator

Ion IORDACHI, Deputy General Director of the Investment Agency of Moldova

Panel 1: The transition to the circular economy: Priority at the national level!
Hour10:30 – 11:00

Program for the promotion of the green economy 2023-2027 / Daniel Tentiuc, Ministry of the Environment

Greening program for small and medium-sized enterprises / Ion Lică, Organization for the Development of Entrepreneurship

Extended producer responsibility, facilitator of the transition to the circular economy / Denis Macovschi, Environment Agency

Panel 2: Circular solutions in waste management
Hour11:00 – 12:15

ZERO WASTE HIERARCHY: Rethink, Redesign, Reduce and Reuse / Dr.Henning Wilts, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy Director Circular Economy Division

Recycling is not the most effective solution in the fight against plastic waste. We reduce Plastic in the Tourism sector / Aurelia Bahnaru, AO E-Circular

Reusing and Refilling packaging in the circular economy: opportunities and benefits / Jo Morley, City to Sea 

ZERO WASTE Communities: Program that aims to help cities and communities / Sofia-Julia Sydorenco, Zero Waste Ukraine

How do we manage packaging waste resulting from phytosanitary products and fertilizers? / Mihail Cojocaru, AO EcoSave Foundation

Circular business based on the biotechnological recycling of semi-liquid organic by-products / Vladimir Anton, Terafix SRL

Current solutions/technologies for ecological waste management / Ion Lupu, Toreco SRL

Panel 3: Sustainable partnerships, involved communities and circular tourism in the transition to the Circular Economy
Hour12:15 – 13:00

Be.CULTOUR – Circular cultural tourism / Antonia Gravagnuolo, Be.CULTOUR Project Coordinator

Circular Tour / Roxana Șlemco, NORTH-EST Regional Study Center and Ion Iordachi, Investment Agency of Moldova

ZERO PLASTIC solutions and communities that promote responsible consumption / Ioana Cerescu, CEO AER, Piatra-Neamț

The UNDP project "Communities resilient to climate change through the empowerment of women" / Victoria Ivancioglo, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova

The Microregion of the Local Action Group (LAG) - that model of insertion and promotion of the Circular Economy through partnerships /  Oxana Tcaci, Director of GAL Valea Cuboltei and Natalia Rotari, Administrator SRL Bio Circular

Panel 4: Educational resources for the Circular Economy
Hour13:00 – 13:40

ResurseEDU educational platform: We reduce PLASTIC / Aurelia Bahnaru, AO E-Circular

Development of green businesses through the SIYB Green Program / Natalia Iachimov, Project Coordinator, Stimulating the Green Economy in the Republic of Moldova, International Labor Organization, ILO

Exploring NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS IN EDUCATION / Anatolie Rișina, AO Verde e Moldova

3 P's: Problem, Passion and Plogging / Roman Bahnaru, AO EcoDigital

Online course "At the limit of WASTE" / Elena Tacu, Coordinator of educational programs, AO ECOVISIO

The premiere of the "Give up PLASTIC" ambassadors
Hour13:40 – 14:00

Recognizing the efforts of the ambassadors of the "Give up PLASTIC" program, highlighting the importance of their actions in promoting sustainability.

Lunch and Networking, EXPO
Hour14:00 – 15:00

Lunch break and an excellent networking opportunity along with visiting the exhibition.


Event partners

Event organized with the financial support of the Small Grants Program GEF SGP Moldova, implemented by UNDP.

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