United for a clean community: Cleanliness Day marked in the municipality of Străseni!


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Roman Bahnaru e-Circular

AO The "E-Circular" Training and Consulting Center in partnership with AO Verde e Moldova and the Municipality of Strășeni have officially joined this year the International and National Cleaning Campaign by organizing an extensive sanitation campaign in the municipality of Strășeni with the generic "????̦? ?????? ? ????????? ??????̆!”

With the support and involvement of Mrs. Valentina CASIAN, the Mayor of Străseni, a total of over 500 citizens of Strašeni: civil servants, municipal councilors, representatives of public institutions, associative structures, economic agents, were organized and mobilized in different locations in the community for activities of sanitation. The event was also supported by the EU delegation and the direct presence of Mr. JĀNIS MAŽEIKS, EU Ambassador in Moldova, who participated with the community of Strășeni in the sanitation of the town. The 70 representatives of the diplomatic corps, international financiers, public and private sector institutions promote an example of civic involvement among the community with the aim of reducing waste pollution and the impact resulting from its accumulation in green spaces, water bodies, etc. All collected waste was picked up and transported by the municipal operator ÎM "Gospodaria Comunala Străseni"

Certainly this event a represents a unique opportunity to promote the participatory spirit by involving the community in activities favorable to the environment and our health!

The Day of Cleanliness was organized with the support of the Project "????̆?̦??? ???????? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ?????!” implemented by in partnership with Străşeni City Hall and financial support from Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau with the support National Environmental Center and of the Project "???̦???? ??? ??????? ?? ???????? ?????????̆: ?????̦?? ?????????" implemented by AO Verde is Moldova in partnership with e-Circular with the financial support of GEF Small Grants Program - UNDP. The sponsors of the event were the company Coca-Cola HBC Moldova and Sandra Ice Cream Moldova with the help of which water and ice cream were distributed to all participants.

On September 23, 1993 United Nations in partnership with the organization Clean Up the World they established World Cleaning Day. Respectively, every year this day tries to remind each of us that a clean environment is a healthy environment and urge communities to protect the environment.

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