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Between 17 and 31 May 2021, AO Association for Waste Recovery organized 6 informative and practical workshops on waste composting in each of the 6 localities (Străseni municipality, Lozova commune, Sireți village, Negrești village, Scoreni village and s. Vorniceni) beneficiary of the project "Management of solid waste through the active involvement of the community". The expert trained in these workshops, Dul Sergiu Burcă, presented the methods and techniques of composting biodegradable waste in rural households.

Composting workshops were designed by the project implementation team based on the fact that more than half of the total waste generated by the household could be composted, considerably reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. This useful practice dates back to ancient times, to be precise, from the Roman Empire. The advantage of this method is, and has always been, the simplicity it presents. The time of realization and work is relatively short, and the results are gratifying for both people and the environment.

The composting process itself does not involve additional costs for a householder, on the contrary, it provides an essential ingredient for a healthy soil, without purchasing and using chemical fertilizers.

Accordingly, the more than 400 participants in the workshops showed interest in the information presented and the practical demonstrations, noting that they will start practicing composting and will encourage other citizens to do the same. Therefore, it is expected that, thanks to the implementation of this project, the composting of biodegradable household waste will become, in the future, a common practice in the respective localities with the possibility of multiplying these practices throughout the Străseni district. Even more importantly, through this project, each locality benefited from 15 compost boxes, which have already been distributed by LPAs to the most involved and willing composting households in the locality.

AO "Association for Waste Valorification" is the beneficiary of the European Union's Local Grants Program, launched on the basis of the EU's Single Support Framework, awarded to the Republic of Moldova (2017-2020) within the European Neighborhood Instrument, through the project "Empowering the citizens of Republic of Moldova" (2019-2021), financed by the European Union and implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ). The project partner for the Center region is the Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance AGER in partnership with the Public Association Regional Development Agency "Habitat" (AO ADR "Habitat").

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