Online workshop dedicated to #ewasteday 2022: RECYCLE EVERYTHING, NO MATTER HOW SMALL

Today, October 19, AO Training and consulting center "E-CIRCULAR" in partnership with AO "EcoDigital" organized the ONLINE WORKSHOP "International WEEE Day: Recycle everything, no matter how small", event dedicated to the international awareness campaign related to electronic waste. In 2022, International E-Waste Day (#ewasteday) celebrated annually on 14 October focuses on small e-waste under the slogan "Recycle everything, no matter how small!". End-of-life small electrical and electronic appliances,


The National WEEE Generation and Management Study 2022 has been published

AO EcoDigital presents the results Study on the generation and management of WEEE in the Republic of Moldova, carried out within the project "We recycle WEEE and realize the SDGs" implemented with the support GEF SGP Moldova Small Grants Program, UNDP Moldova, in the period March 2021- May 2022. The study presents an overview of the WEEE management sector at the national level through the lens of consumer preferences and current practices for the management of EEE and resulting waste

AOEcoDigital announces the launch of the national Campaign "Moldova recycles WEEE"

According to UN data, in the year 2021, each person produces an average of 7.6 kg of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), which means that 57.4 million tons will be generated worldwide. Only 17.4% of this e-waste containing a mixture of harmful substances and precious materials will be recorded as properly collected, treated and recycled, the rest unfortunately end up being mismanaged by disposal mixed with household waste or dumped in prohibited places . Problem

"Drivers are needed in the EDUCATION of an average PRO attitude", "DeeeEDU" Conference, from 15.10.2020

Today, October 15, AO Association for Waste Recovery started the online conference "DeeeEDU: Through EDUcation we save the new generations" with the aim of discussing the most urgent problems related to the management of WEEE and the new challenges with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and respectively the even more accelerated growth in the following years of the amounts of WEEE generated, this while recycling rates remain very low. The event was attended by several experts in the field from

Interview with Roxana Puia, Marketing Director of the Environ Association, Romania

The recycling industry can contribute to job creation and the development of a green and sustainable economy!   What can you tell us about the WEEE market in Romania and how complicated it was to meet the collection target? RP – In general, the situation regarding waste management in Romania is full of challenges, and the field of electrical waste is no exception. We face the lack of legislative harmonization, the absence of municipal collection points that should be found