Course: Waste management specialist

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research with no. 790 of June 2021, AO Association for Waste Recovery was officially authorized for the continuing professional training program:"Waste Management Specialist" accredited by  National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research, caccording to CORM 006-14, 325719, according to the Classifier of occupations from the Republic of Moldova approved by GD no. 461 of 02.07.2013 and Order no. 22 of 03.03.2014 of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family.

The "Waste Management Specialist" course is addressed to all public and private legal entities that generate or produce waste and are responsible for its management: economic agents carrying out commercial activities, construction sites, factories, factories, workshops, economic agents responsible for collection / sorting / transporting / processing / treating / recycling / waste disposal, holding / producing electronic waste, lighting equipment, household appliances, packaging, etc.

When developing the Curriculum for the course, international as well as national norms were taken into account, especially the most recent changes in the legislation, but also the practice in the field, including comparative aspects taken from the EU states. The learning outcomes are developed in the context of the National Qualifications Framework (CC-RM), expressed as progressive levels of competence, which can be acquired through the formal education system as well as through components of the qualification (modules, study credit units) from a learning perspective throughout life.  The course is led by trainers with extensive experience in the field, which is why it will be practical, interactive and will include various case studies.


The graduate of the Continuing Education Program "Waste Management Specialist" will know:

  • The waste management process in the legal entity.
  • Legal obligations imposed on economic agents.
  • Practical solutions for the compliance of economic agents with the mandatory legal requirements.
  • Legal liability (civil, criminal and contravention). Misdemeanor/Criminal Penalties. Forms of contraventional/criminal sanctions.
  • Application of legal provisions to prevent legal liability (civil, criminal or misdemeanor) for violation of legislation in the field of waste management.
  • Waste Monitoring and Reporting (Case Studies).
  • Practical solutions to avoid breaking environmental legislation in the field of waste.
  • Integrated waste management.
  • Waste management flow.
  • Traceability of waste.

The graduate of the "Waste Management Specialist" Program will be able to:

  • Waste management activity planning.
  • Training of personnel involved in waste management.
  • Organization of waste management specific activities.
  • Evaluation of waste management activity.
  • Reporting of waste management results.



Module 1. Waste management

Module 2. Environmental protection – Environmental policy

Module 3. Pollution and forms of pollution

Module 4. Waste classification

Module 5. Waste management records

Module 6. Environmental management system

Module 7. Continuous improvement of SMD

Module 8. Control of competent bodies and legal liability



If you wish to participate in this course, please request SPECIALIST COURSE OFFER IN WASTE MANAGEMENT to the email address: or complete online the registration form

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Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate "SPECIALIST IN WASTE MANAGEMENT” according to CORM 006-14, 325719 (Waste Management Specialist), according to the Classifier of occupations from the Republic of Moldova approved by HG no. 461 of 02.07.2013 and Order no. 22 of 03.03.2014 of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family.

    Responsible for waste managementResponsible for the EnvironmentCircular economy



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