The circular economy

As a training service provider, AO E-Circular has officially launched the course "The circular economy". The aim of the course is to develop professional skills regarding the understanding of the basic principles of the circular economy and directly develop your own ideas, solutions to circularize a business. At the core of this module is the Circular Compass tool that trainees will work with and learn to use and customize for their own business.

In today's world, when humanity uses nature 1.75 times more intensively than the regeneration capacity of ecosystems, causing irreversible environmental changes on a global scale, it is undoubtedly urgent to move to an ecologically sustainable economy, circular and climate neutral, all this in a process of continuous development.

The solution is the Circular Economy – A model of production and consumption that involves reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products to keep materials in the economy whenever possible.

The very wide spectrum of information, course materials are structured in 3 modules:

  • Understanding and applicability of the circular economy model.
  • Qunderstanding the value chain of a product and how it can be translated into the circular compass to be able to identify the most optimal circular strategies.
  • Identifying and applying the most efficient and optimal methods and tools to develop circular solutions.

EC course agenda

Mode of deployment: ONLINE on the Zoom platform - live with the course lecturers.

Course price: 1200 lei (MDL)

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