Correct data visualization is essential for data analysis and decision-making based on this data, offering new ways to interact with environmental data and explore what is of interest to decision-makers and institutions/persons interested in this field.

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The organization and visualization of data on waste management at the national level is a project carried out by AO "E-Circular" with the support of experts specialized in this field.

The organization of the data provides an overview of the evolution of waste generation in the Republic of Moldova - quantities, authorized operators, taxes and tariffs. Thus, the multitude of data presented by the Environment Agency, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Environmental Protection Inspectorate on waste management, on dozens of pages and annual publications, have taken on a new life through well-designed interactive graphics.

The given service can be outsourced by AO E-Circular to central and local public authorities responsible for recording data on waste but also to sanitation operators and economic agents producing waste, according to the provisions Law no. 209/2016 regarding waste and GD no. 501/2018 for the approval of the Instruction on keeping records and transmitting data and information about waste and its management.