About us

About AO Training and consulting center ``E-CIRCULAR''

AO Training and Consultancy Center "E-CIRCULAR" is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 with the aim of providing support to representatives of the public, private sector and civil society in the Republic of Moldova, regarding the acquisition of the best practices and skills in the effective management of waste, circular economy, support in the implementation of environmental projects, including continuing professional training programs in various fields.

Assumed objectives:

  • Carrying out professional information actions for association members and other people interested in activities in the field of circular economy and waste management;
  • Raising the level of professional training of personnel trained in the waste management industry;
  • Carrying out awareness-raising activities and ecological education of the population and primarily of the young generation;
  • Developing educational programs to inform the population about the impact caused by waste and the importance of packaging recycling, as well as the practical ways of collecting, selecting and recycling waste;
  • Developing partnerships with local and international experts/organizations in the field.

Only together can we ensure a sustainable future!

AO The "E-CIRCULAR" training and consulting center is one of the few NGOs in the Republic of Moldova, which offers a full range of services in the field of waste management, ensuring the maintenance of environmental standards according to the legislation in force.

The mission of this platform is to bring together the components of Economy, Ecology and Education, to make possible the transition towards a circular economy, oriented towards reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials, efficient waste management, actions that will generate major economic benefits, contributing to innovation, economic growth and job creation.

The objective of the Association is to identify, together with business representatives, representatives of the recycling, collection and sanitation industries, central and local public authorities, waste generators, the most suitable ways and actions to improve waste management, as well as possibilities to make savings to the state budget, by preventing the generation of waste, by eco-design and by reusing products.

The Association's experience in the field is sufficient to support organizations large and small, from the public and private sectors to assess, quantify and properly manage the waste generated.

Taking into account that for the execution of all the requirements imposed by the legislation in the field of environmental protection, in particular, that regarding waste management, the units or enterprises specialized directly or indirectly in this activity (waste producer, waste holder or waste operator) are to develop and to approve institutional environmental strategies, action plans regarding waste management (selective collection, etc.), waste management plans, etc., the Center's experts provide you with specialized environmental services and solutions:

  • Waste management consultancy
  • Specialized courses in waste management
  • Analysis and organization of environmental data, etc.