Extended Manufacturer's Liability

The development of REP schemes in Europe has helped to improve the prevention, reuse and recycling of waste. This mechanism has proven to be an absolutely necessary and functional tool for the transition to a circular economy, being directly focused on the application of the "polluter pays" principle, according to which whoever introduces packaging or packaged goods into the market of a country remains responsible for it until the end of the cycle life of the packaging, including the time period after disposal. There are already more than 400 REP schemes globally, of which at least 70 are for packaging. As a rule, REP is used for specific waste streams, most often covered by these schemes is waste electrical and electronic equipment or WEEE (35%), followed by packaging (17%), tires (17%), vehicles / car batteries (11%) and other products (20%).

At the national level, the implementation of REP schemes is regulated by art. 12 of Law no. 209/2016 on waste and which primarily include 5 waste streams (batteries and accumulators; electrical and electronic equipment; vehicles; oils and packaging). With the exception of used oils and vehicles, for the rest of the waste, Management Regulations are already published and the implementation mechanism of the REP schemes is described respectively. However, the functionality of these systems is at an early stage, and the lack of a developed waste management infrastructure, lack of clear technical standards and instructions, deficiencies in the regulatory framework, etc., make it difficult and endanger the successful implementation of these REP schemes at national level.

Through the "Extended Producer Responsibility" Course, we provide you with a complex guide to facilitate the understanding and good organization of REP schemes.

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