INTERVIEW with the Mayor of Cărpineni commune

Compliance of Local Public Authorities (LPA) with the provisions of Law no. 209 regarding waste, involves ensuring the efficient execution of the imperative requirements for the management of certain categories of waste. In this context, the LPAs of the Republic of Moldova are assigned the responsibility of creating an efficient system of integrated waste management by ensuring their separate collection, setting up special spaces for storing separately collected waste, storing municipal waste only in specially designed places, determining how to manage municipal waste and not

Interview with Ioncu Mihail, Director of SA "Salubrity Soldănești"

SA "Salubritate Șoldănești" at 5 years of activity: achievements, challenges and future plans! SA "Salubritate Șoldănești" was established on January 14, 2015, by 21 LPAs of the first level from the Șoldănești district, 1 LPA of the first level from the Rezina district and 1 LPA of the second level which is the Șoldănești District Council. The foundation of the Company took place as a result of the implementation of the pilot project "Improving the solid waste management system in the districts of Soldănești, Rezina and

Interview with Roxana Puia, Marketing Director of the Environ Association, Romania

The recycling industry can contribute to job creation and the development of a green and sustainable economy!   What can you tell us about the WEEE market in Romania and how complicated it was to meet the collection target? RP – In general, the situation regarding waste management in Romania is full of challenges, and the field of electrical waste is no exception. We face the lack of legislative harmonization, the absence of municipal collection points that should be found

Interview with Eugeniu Butucea, Director of "Salubris Grup" SRL

Garbage dump source of raw material Global warming, the shortage of natural resources, the increase in pollution indices, are just some of the most urgent problems facing humanity. Unfortunately, the worst thing is the speed with which these things happen, so that most of the time we don't even manage to intervene or change the destructive linear vector. For many years there has been talk about environmental problems generated by a non-functional waste management system. Unauthorized pits for

Interview with Svetlana ZHEKOVA, EU environmental adviser

"The authorities set the goals, but the real driving force is PEOPLE" "MD" Magazine: At the end of the 20th century, the challenges related to climate change and the drastic reduction of natural resources, irreversibly marked the relationship between Man and Nature. How are EU Member States reacting to the challenge to act green – smart – circular – sustainable? SVETLANA ZHEKOVA, EU High Adviser on the Environment: I completely agree with your statement that in recent decades a new basis for the relationship between humans and nature has emerged.

Interview with Vasile BÎTCA, Minister of Regional Development and Construction

The purpose of this first material on the topic of waste management from construction and demolition results from the consideration that in the next period the recovered amount of this waste could be significantly increased, emphasizing the selective recycling as a result of the storage fees, as well as the completion of the legislation in the field. Based on this material, we hope to create a platform for discussions between the representatives of the relevant ministries in the field, the economic operators who carry out activities in construction, renovation and decommissioning, as well as the structures of the authorities in the field

Interview with Serghei Palihovici, Minister of the Environment

The National Waste Management System needs improvement! A period of several months has passed since the Ministry of Environment has a new minister. Mr. Serghei PALIHOVICI, who has extensive experience in the field of public administration, was appointed to this position. In the last period of time, he held the position of Deputy General Secretary of the Government. His lordship accepted this position because he intends to change many things for the better in the field of environmental protection, including