Over 50 tons of e-Waste were collected in 2019


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Now at the end of the year, we can say with certainty that beautiful things have been achieved that have been necessary for a long time both for the environment and for the health of each of us. For one morning, the inhabitants of the country got rid of over 50 tons of e-waste (waste of electrical and electronic equipment), an imposing amount historically accumulated through houses, offices, warehouses, fences, etc.

Once the Regulation on electrical and electronic equipment waste was approved by GD no. 212 of 2018, with the support of the Small Grants Program GEF SGP Moldova and in partnership with the Moldrec company, AO Asociația pentru Valorificaria Deșeurilor launched an eco-responsible project - "Clean city with recycled e-Waste", managing to create the minimum infrastructure necessary for the proper management of this extremely toxic and dangerous waste for the environment and health. Only in the municipality of Chisinau, 80 medium-sized dumpsters were installed in the premises of public, private and academic institutions and another 8 large dumpsters for outside, 7 of them placed on the territory of BEMOL filling stations and one within the Riolit company System. To ease the burden of waste generators and holders, we have also created a Collection Point Map that allows you to easily identify the nearest e-waste collection point.

You can access the map of e-Waste collection points (waste of electrical and electronic equipment). here.

It is gratifying that, by launching this campaign, we also motivated other representatives of civil society to get involved in e-Waste collection and population awareness actions. An example is the young team from Hai Moldova, who this year decided to contribute to ridding the country of e-Waste by launching a national e-Waste collection campaign in September. In total, 76 schools from Moldova and 38,299 students were involved, who managed to collect 45,406 kg of e-waste. For 40 of the campaign participants, the Waste Recovery Association, with the support of the Small Grants Program, provided specialized dumpsters for the correct collection of this type of waste.

Analyzing the totals of 2019, in the chapter of electrical and electronic equipment waste, we have 128 e-Waste collection points created, over 50 tons of e-Waste already taken over by the authorized operator Moldrec, to be later exported to GreenWEEE Buzău, over 60 thousand of students in total participating in the project from 70 educational institutions, 13 economic agents (Maximum, Fourchette, BEMOL, Linella, etc.) who have installed such dumpsters in their stores, over 30 public institutions and NGOs, which manage correctly e-waste at institutional level.

For the year 2020, we plan to continue these absolutely necessary actions for the country and of course for people. There are many institutions benefiting from the project, which are yet to hand over the accumulated e-waste, e-waste warehouses not yet evacuated, many residents of the country that we are going to inform about how and where they can throw this waste so as not to pollute the environment, campaigns of information and awareness, sustainable partnerships and involved institutions.

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