Waste Management Magazine no. 36 (4) 2022

Waste Management Magazine no. 36 (4) 2022

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The last issue of this year's "Waste Management" Magazine is now available online for subscribers and most loyal readers. The year 2022 was an active one and full of events and legislative news in the waste management chapter, each of them published on the pages of the Magazine. It is also the year in which the editorial office completes 9 years of activity, 36 issues published quarterly with regularity and over 1500 pages of information dedicated exclusively to waste management. For the year 2023 we propose new materials and topics of interest that are definitely needed when we want a cleaner environment, a healthier community and all this only in a circular economy!



AO "E-CIRCULAR" presented the educational offer for the year 2023

With the support  German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), AO "E-Circular" succeeded in diversifying the educational offer for a cleaner environment and green skills.

How we choose the right dumpsters and containers

There are many varieties of dumpsters on the market, however toreco.md we confidently recommend those that are made according to the European standards in force, such as those that bear the Made in Germany logo. No matter what type of dumpster we choose, we have to consider a few simple aspects.

The truth about plastic in clothes

But what role do clothes play in microplastic pollution? Do our clothes make us sick?? Scientific evidence demonstrates that plastic emissions from our clothes are a cause for serious concern.

The villagers of Holercani turn waste into compost!

Villagers from Holercani, Dubăsari district turn waste into compost – natural agricultural fertilizer that they then use to improve the quality of the soil. This is possible with the support of the project "Communities resilient to climate change by empowering women", financed by Sweden and implemented by UNDP.

Hazardous waste management according to European practices

Approximate 13 tons of hazardous waste are generated every second globally. That would mean 400 million tons of hazardous waste annually. At the national level, the situation is quite alarming regarding the increase in the amount of hazardous waste generated.


"MMZ" Metallurgical Plant invests USD 28 MLN in greening the production process

The Metallurgical Plant "MMZ" declared as priority No. 1 the greening of the production process, from the modernization of the production units, to the implementation of the most modern systems for monitoring compliance with ecological norms in the production process.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBLE for a green and successful business!

The Law on Industrial Emissions, published in 2022, establishes the obligation of the designation by the economic agent at the site level or for the industrial and economic activity of an ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST/RESPONSIBLE



Extended producer responsibility, solution to the global waste problem

In the context of the increasing importance of efficient waste management, the principle of extended responsibility of the producer in common with the concept of the circular economy are subjects that require a more intensive approach and implementation.



Mobilizing the industrial sector for a clean and circular economy

It takes 25 years, a generation, to transform an industry and all value chains. In order to achieve this goal in 2050, it is necessary to make decisions and take actions in this direction in the next five years.