e-Commerce of EEE falls under the REP

E-commerce has registered an upward trend, being very convenient for buyers. However, it is wrong to ignore its impact on the environment.

Sellers who supply electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) through remote communication techniques (online sales), as provided for in point 7 subpoint. 3) lit. d) from Regulation looking atANDwaste of electrical equipment ANDand electronics, recently approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, they fall under the scope Law no. 209 regarding waste, as producers, which of course must honor "Extended Producer Responsibility (REP)". 

Starting from the date of entry into force of this Regulation, the costs for the collection, treatment, recovery and non-polluting disposal of EEE waste (DEEE) from users, other than private households, and those generated by the products introduced on the market will be borne by the producers .

Producers providing EEE by means of remote communication will comply with the requirements regarding the financing of WEEE management activities from private households, for the equipment provided to the buyer of the respective equipment.

Who are the producers: natural or legal person, regardless of the sales technique used, including through remote communication, who:
a) manufactures and sells electrical and electronic equipment under its own brand;
b) resells under its own brand equipment produced by other suppliers, sells a purchased object (reseller), not being considered a "producer", when the manufacturer's brand appears on the equipment according to point 1 of the Regulation;
c) imports or exports EEE, with a professional title, in or from the Republic of Moldova;
d) sells EEE by means of remote communication directly to private households or users outside private households, in the Republic of Moldova, and has its headquarters in another state.

We remind you what the producers' obligations are:

  1. To be registered within 3 months from the date of entry into force of this Regulation, in the list of producers, receiving a registration number, which they will communicate to all commercial networks through which EEE is sold within a maximum of 30 days;
  2. New producers entering the market have the obligation to register in the list of producers within three months of registration with the Public Services Agency, until the initiation of EEE market placement activities;
  3. If the producers provided for in point 46 of the Regulation are not registered in the Republic of Moldova according to point 45, the registration is done through their authorized representatives, as provided for in chapter XV of the Regulation;
  4. To finance and guarantee the financing of WEEE collection and recycling operations;
  5. To report annually the quantities of electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market, the quantities, number and categories of waste that have been collected, reused, recycled and recovered, the weight or number of waste collected and exported;
  6. Provide consumers, in the instructions for use or at the point of sale, with all the necessary information in relation to the selective collection of this waste;
  7. To provide, for each new type of EEE placed on the market, within one year of the equipment being placed on the market, information on re-use and transport;
  8. To label products according to legal requirements.

CAREFUL! Starting from January 1, 2019, only producers registered in the list of producers can introduce EEE on the market.