8 dumpsters for the collection of large e-Waste were installed in the municipality of Chisinau

After 80 small and medium-sized e-Waste collection points, already existing within the "Clean city with recycled e-Waste" project, another 8 new points appeared, this time for the collection of medium and large-sized e-Waste . You can find the updated map of collection points here.

This time with the support of the BEMOL company, we managed to place larger containers on the territory of 7 filling stations, which allow the storage of large e-Waste. Accordingly, when you fill up your car at the station, you can also comfortably dispose of accumulated e-waste.

Another sustainable partnership is with the company Riolit Sistem, among the few companies in Moldova, which is concerned with the correct management of electrical and electronic waste.

Where you can find large dumpsters:

  1. BEMOL - road. Hincesti, 146/3
  2. BEMOL – Mihai Viteazul str., 18/1
  3. BEMOL – 83 Calea Ieșilor str
  4. BEMOL - Mateevici str
  5. BEMOL – Calea Bessarabiei str
  6. BEMOL - bd. The Renaissance, 11
  7. BEMOL – Sadoveanu str., 1A
  8. Riolit Sistem - 25 Miron Costin str

What you can put in these bins:

  1. Large household appliances: electric stoves, electric stoves, electric fans, air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric radiators, etc.
  2. Small household appliances: iron, food processor, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  3. IT and telecommunications equipment: laptop, tablets, computers, monitors, mobile phones, batteries, printers, copiers, etc.
  4. Consumer equipment: video/photo cameras, radios, DVD-players, remote controls, VCRs, etc.
  5. Toys, sports equipment: game consoles, etc.
  6. Surveillance and control tools: surveillance camera, devices for measuring electric current, etc.

The "Clean City with Recycled e-Waste" project was launched at the end of 2018 by the Waste Recovery Association with the support of the Small Grants Program Gef SGP Moldova in partnership with MoldRec.