12 creative ideas for reusing waste

Each person or institution annually throws different streams of waste, which can be used for energetic, technological, commercial and aesthetic purposes. Have we ever thought what wonderful things can be made from discarded plastic waste, tires, light bulbs, paper, etc.? There is no need to throw them in the trash, we can transform them into various consumer goods, as well as wonderful interior or exterior decorations for the home. For example, light bulbs can be used as mini-vases for flowers or used tires, which can be reused by making them into decorative objects. As a vivid example, we can present the 4 decorative objects (the swans and the parrot) installed in front of the apartment block on 80/4 Albişoara street. To make these objects you need a little imagination, skill and patience! "Keep in mind that these activities can be considered as a mini recycling process, which does not require considerable expenses.

In this Photo Gallery we present 12 options to transform used waste into wonderful decorative objects:

Mini vases

Carefully remove the filament from the bulb, fill with water and place a flower. Find a round support on which to put the mini-vase, so that it does not fall. You can use napkin rings. Isn't it, they will look great on the dining room table.


Hanging mini vases

Now that you have seen how simple it is to make a mini-vase, you can create a decorative arrangement with hanging mini-vases. It will beautify your space above the dining room table, or your relaxation corner in the living room.


Hanging mini-balloons

Insert colored components into the light bulbs and create a suspended arrangement in the rest room. You will be more than delighted!




Arrangement with mini vases


Mini Christmas balls


Decorative Christmas wreath


Christmas decorations mini-penguins


Figures of two swans made from used tires


The white swan made from used tires


The black swan made from used tires


African parrot made from used tire