International day without plastic bags

Dear readers of the Magazine, friends of Nature, dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova! With the occasion "International Day Without Plastic Bags", we would like to remind you how dangerous they are for Nature, but also the contribution of the production and consumption of bags to the intensification of the phenomenon of global warming.

For the production of plastic bags, fossil fuels, large amounts of water and energy are consumed, ultimately generating enormous amounts of waste and millions of tons of CO2 every year.


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  • On average, one plastic bag is used for 25 minutes!
  • Depending on the type of plastic, it takes 100-500 years to decompose!
  • For just 1 minute, 1 million plastic bags are used globally!
  • 80% from marine litter is Plastic!
  • 3.4 million tonnes of plastic packaging are manufactured in the EU every year. This amount is equivalent to the weight of more than 2 million cars!
  • Out of the total amount of plastic bags, only 1 % can be recycled, the rest being deposited in the landfill!

The use of plastic bags with or without a joint has already become a habit with dangerous consequences! Every day, we leave the store with at least two new plastic bags, plus we add a few more small bags used by the seller to divide the products.  It's time to get rid of this habit and do the right thing by replacing plastic bags with reusable bags!

The most correct option would be to choose the bags created from fabric, they can be customized and very varied in models. A project that supports and promotes a healthier and cleaner environment, contributing to the recycling of old materials/clothes by turning them into bags and bags is Torba!.

Avoid throwing the plastic bags left after use in the trash, since most of them can no longer be recycled. Instead, you can reuse them as garbage bags or even recycle them at home with a little creativity.

The situation of waste and especially its management in the Republic of Moldova is a critical one. Too few solutions have been identified, and one day we may repeatedly find ourselves in the situation where the garbage will not be collected. Moreover, we urge all users of plastic bags to gradually reduce their consumption and give preference to reusable bags.

Certainly, a mobilization of all consumers and economic agents to support eco bags over plastic ones will generate beautiful results over time! It is time to recognize the consequences of an irrational consumption of natural resources and to act quickly to slow down the effects of global warming, which is already manifesting globally!