"Connect to Nature" on World Environment Day

For the Republic of Moldova, June 4, 2017, will indisputably remain a memorable one, about which we will be able to say a lot, relive moments and take over the most beautiful examples! A day when Nature was closer to everyone, a day when Man felt good in the arms of Nature!

For 50 years, the most grandiose holiday dedicated to the protection of the environment - WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY - has been celebrated globally! Millions of people by participating have managed to change their attitude towards environmental issues, reorienting their activities and consumption models towards ones that are as friendly as possible to the environment!

This year, Moldova celebrated this event by a "Connecting people to Nature".  The organizers of the event, the United Nations Development Program Moldova (PNUD) - Biodiversity, Adaptation to Climate Change, the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment, Energy and Biomass Fund, ESCO - together with the "Gutta-Club" Republican Center and the Association of Journalists of Environment and Ecological Tourism offered the opportunity to all those who wish to present the best practices, services, technologies and other environmentally friendly activities.

Each space in the area of the chess and game pavilion of the Valea Morilor park presented a separate story. Participants through informative workshops such as "The impact of waste from used vegetable oils on the environment", "Urban composting", "Ecological agriculture", "The story of water. Questions and answers", "All about planting trees", "Know the potential of renewable energy in your community", "Gender equality and biodiversity", or "The role of the environment in human bio-psycho-social health" managed to get closer and more by Nature but also by all those present at the event.

During this day dedicated to Nature, SRL BioEcoil in an informative workshop spoke about the impact of this hazardous waste on the environment and health, but also about how it can be collected correctly and handed over to the authorized collector!

The exhibitions of green technologies invented by children, a stand on adaptation to climate change, the biodiversity of dendrofloric plants in the Botanical Garden, retro-bicycles, the Red Book, 2016 edition, magazines, photos, etc., were also indispensable.

In the rest area, the participants had at their disposal a thematic library, and the Association "Association for Waste Recovery" through the Magazine "Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova" made it possible to connect people with nature through reading.

The young generation was present at the maximum during this event. From small to large, everyone found very interesting, informative and entertaining activities at the same time. Children and adults drew, walked on a tightrope and played on a field with strips of paper, modeled with clay, etc.

Being in the bosom of Nature, the children as well as the parents were actively involved in creative workshops that repeatedly demonstrate that in fact plastic, glass or paper waste can be recycled even by the little ones, transforming them into decorative objects or very beautiful toys made with a lot of heart!

The beautiful events followed with a classical music recital performed by the pianist Marcel Lazăr. Those present through the music and at sunset connected perfectly with nature!

Once again we convince ourselves how perfect it is to spend time with the love of Nature. Such events are celebrated annually globally by more than 100 countries and aim to show people's solidarity with environmental problems such as climate change, excessive consumption of natural resources, water and soil pollution, the harmful impact of waste, etc.