The legal obligations of Oil Manufacturers!

OILS are also part of the category of products subject to the regulation of Law no. 209 on waste. In accordance with Law no. 209 on waste and used oil management requirements (art. 52), but also for the implementation of extended producer responsibility requirements (art. 12), oil producers and importers must ensure the creation of systems of collection of used oils from consumers, as well as the development of their regeneration systems, corresponding to the quantities and types of oils available on the market.

Oil producers subject to extended producer responsibility regulations have two options under the Act:
1. to honor their obligations individually and present to the regulatory authorities proof of the existence of individual systems for free takeover and separate collection, treatment, recovery or disposal of products that have become waste (according to art. 12 paragraph 7);
2. to join a collective system that holds environmental authorization, according to art. 25 of the Law and will act on behalf of producers. In this case, the individual responsibility will be subsidiary to the responsibility of the collective system, they being responsible for the separate collection of the products that have become waste, for ensuring the targets for recycling, valorization and disposal in safe conditions for the environment of the products that have become waste (according to art. 12, paragraph 8).

And this time, for the producers of products (oils) who, in order to comply with the provisions of the new law, decide to join a collective system that holds environmental authorization, we present the company SRL BioEcOil, company specialized in the collection of used vegetable oil. For details you can contact the team #BioEcOil at phone number: +373 022 909 159 or

Detailed information about Law no. 209, practices and tools useful for economic agents but also for local public authorities will be published quarterly in #Waste Management Magazine.