The role of women for the Local Public Authority

The town hall in Selemet village, Cimişlia district is one of the localities in the south of the Republic of Moldova, led by a woman - mayor, Tatiana Badan, who was elected by the village population for her second term. In the same period, Tatiana Badan is elected by the members of the Congress of Local Public Authorities from Moldova as its president. In poor economic and financial conditions, she managed even during the drought and financial crisis to attract European investments to improve the living standards of the people in the village.

More than 1,500 families (4,174 villagers) of different nationalities live in this village, a locality with national traditions, which is no different from other villages in the South of the Republic. Ms. Tatiana Badan is characterized by her fellow citizens as an energetic person, vindictive, lover of everything new, caring for every family in the village, children and pensioners.

Accessing European and local funds is one of the priorities of the local public administration, with the help of which Mrs. Tatiana Badan has changed the face of the village and its inhabitants for the better. During this period, the drinking water system was built, works are being carried out to complete the construction of the aqueduct in the two sectors of the village of Selemet, design works for the sewage system and a wastewater treatment plant, design works for the access to school, street lighting works, as well as the implementation of the household waste collection and evacuation project, by creating a modern service with the respective infrastructure. These investments, as well as new ones, which will continue to come during the current year, are due to the initiative of Mrs. Tatiana Badan.

At the same time, the mayor also faces some daily problems due to the local budget reduced by 20% compared to 2013. About the existing problems in the implementation of integrated waste management at the town hall level, the procrastination of their solution by ADR SUD, the non-implementation of the collection system selective waste etc. and the ways to solve them, I discussed with Mrs. Tatiana Badan, as it is in reality: with the existing successes and shortcomings, with the joys and dissatisfactions accumulated over the years in order to solve the economic, social and environmental protection problems, as well as of ensuring a sustainable integrated management regarding the selective collection of waste, its recycling and its proper evacuation. To find out how our officials see these problems, we asked some questions to the president of CALM from the Republic of Moldova, Ms. Mayor Tatiana Badan.

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