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IV Edition of the Online Dialogue Platform: "Waste Management" Magazine, no. 33/2022

On the current June 9, AO e-Circular Training and Consulting Center was the host of the 4th edition of the Online Dialogue Platform "Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova", on the occasion of the publication of issue 33 of the quarterly magazine Managementul Deșeurilor. During the event, some of the topics published on the pages of the magazine were discussed, with the aim of facilitating the process of informing participants from different regions of the country, from various fields of activity and occupational preferences, about good practices

Edition no. 2 of the Online Dialogue Platform: "Waste Management" magazine, no. 31/2021

Magazine "???????????? ???̦???????” presents the second edition of the online dialogue platform, which provides discussions about the current situation of waste management♻️?️. The aim of the event is to collaborate with the magazine's key actors, as well as to provide correct information on the problems and solutions that the environment is facing. ????????? ????????? ??? ??: ? The fashion industry and suspicious practices in relation to the environment and man; ? Implementation of Reuse Processes; ? How can financial flows be managed under REP schemes?; ? The environment: a fascinating topic and, more recently, on

The first issue of the "Waste Management" Magazine from the year 2021 is now accessible to subscribers.

The first issue of the "Waste Management" Magazine from the year 2021 is now accessible for subscribe. To complete a subscription to the electronic version of the Magazine (no. 29/2021), it is enough to fill in the online form. It is already obvious and well known that the Republic of Moldova is invaded with waste that people, instead of collecting separately, abandon wherever they can, due to carelessness, indifference and momentary comfort. It is certain that "Only together can we have a clean environment", jointly promoting the activities of