Ecological Calendar

WORLD REFILL DAY Tips to ditch single-use packaging!

As we become more aware of the devastating effect plastic has on the environment, many of us are looking for ways to live more sustainably and reduce our use of single-use packaging. Reducing our plastic footprint is a great way to take action, and World Refill Day is a great time to start making small changes. We don't need one person to make it perfect by ditching plastic

International e-Waste Day

After the success recorded in 2018, the second edition of International E-Waste Day takes place on October 14, 2019. International WEEE Day is an initiative of the WEEE Forum and has the right aim to encourage users to hand them in correctly leading to an increase in collection and recycling rates. Last year, more than 50 organizations from 40 countries around the world organized many types of promotional activities, from conferences and

International day without plastic bags

Dear readers of the Magazine, friends of Nature, dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova! On the occasion of the "International Day Without Plastic Bags", we would like to remind you how dangerous they are for Nature, but also the contribution of the production and consumption of bags to the intensification of the phenomenon of global warming. For the production of plastic bags, fossil fuels, large amounts of water and energy are consumed, ultimately generating enormous amounts of waste and millions of tons of CO2 every year. DID YOU KNOW THAT... In the environment, a bag

"Connect to Nature" on World Environment Day

For the Republic of Moldova, June 4, 2017, will indisputably remain a memorable one, about which we will be able to say a lot, relive moments and take over the most beautiful examples! A day when Nature was closer to everyone, a day when Man felt good in the arms of Nature! For 50 years, the most grandiose holiday dedicated to the protection of the environment - WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY - has been celebrated globally! Millions of people through participation managed to change their attitude towards it